Friday, May 6, 2011

Sunny Sunflower

This is one of my sunflower sculptures.  Well, it's sunflower-like. I don't try to be botanically correct but you get the idea of what it is. I did this totally by hand, pinching each petal and attaching to a central disc.  I added some fringe detail around the outside of the disc for extra interest.  I curled the petals for a natural look.  This whole thing dried for several weeks before firing.  I held my breath as I loaded it into the kiln. I just knew I was going to break one of the petals and then the whole thing would have been thrown back in the clay recycle bucket.  But I made it! Whew!!
 Glazed in a sunflower yellow glaze with amber accents over a speckled clay.  I think the speckles give it a lot of depth and dimension.  High fired stoneware clay so it can go outside in the garden or on the porch.  Inside is nice, too!  About 10-12" dia.
Sunflower sculpture

Fringe detail

Another look at the fringe and the petals


  1. Beautiful artwork, Julie! You do the coolest things with clay!

  2. Such beautiful work:) Thank you for stopping by my blog, which let me find you:)


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