Sunday, July 10, 2011

Outdoor gallery or what to do with some junk

Garden art for the backyard
This is the back of the deck behind the house.  The lattice seemed like the perfect spot for displaying garden artsy kind of stuff.  Since I make garden art, well, I guess it is like my outdoor gallery.  Some of the things have been given to me, some were flea market finds and some were pieces of rusty junk from around the property.  The moon and star plaque and the moon and sun plaque were made by me.  I'm hoping to have some moon vine growing up chicken wire I stapled to the lattice later in the season.  But it's being real slow.  I probably should have started the seeds in some peat pots and then transplanted.  Well, there's always next year.

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  1. That's a perfect place for some garden art! I planted moon flower vines, and morning glories. The morning glory did well, but I haven't had a single moon flower come up. I'll try again next year! I think I'll soak the seeds next time. I'm wanting them to cover the chain link fence. Better luck next year for both of us!


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