Monday, September 12, 2011

Bog garden continued before and after

I thought I would do a before and after shot of the bog garden.  I've been waiting patiently for the ironweed to bloom because it's so pretty. It blooms down at the river in it's native form which gets 6-7 feet tall.  My variety is a cultivar dwarf size. 

It's been hot and dry this summer and I've lost a lot of plants but the bog was a huge success.  Except for not having the pickeral weed which was the original plan.  I gave up on it after the deer ate it down every time it would get over 2" tall.  I have native passion flower twining around the ground and up the hook that holds the wind chime.  My varigated yucca made an appearance after I had forgotten that I put it there.  The blue tinged panic grasses are doing well.  The pitcher plants are great.  I'm so glad I tried them.  The whole thing was almost maintenence except for adding water when it was dry (which was most of the summer).

So that is the bog blog wrapping up for the season.  I'll be posting about other garden stuff till frost but I'm so glad you joined me on this adventure.  Next time you have an area of the yard that won't drain or where the gutters always make a wet spot, try a bog.

Remember this?  

Now look at this!

That's passion flower growing around the ground and some varigated yucca spikes

Ironweed with feathery clumps of lavender flowers complete with butterfly


  1. Your bog garden did great! What a big difference from beginning, to full on growing and blooming plants! I wish I had a boggy spot, but everything drains well in my sand. I'm hoping to start more tropicals, and perennials next year.

  2. Iron weed is so pretty. When I had my 21 acres, iron weed grew in abundance. Your bog is just lovely--Can hardly wait till next years blooms--:)

  3. What a great recap! I love the before and after photos. Excellent job considering the hot, dry summer. Thank you for sharing!


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