Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tea Time

 The days are getting a little shorter and cooler.  Well, maybe, just not as hot.  Anyway, it's time for afternoon tea again.  When it's hot outside, hot tea is last thing on my mind.  Give me a cold margarita.  But as it cools off, I'm so ready for hot tea again.  Today is a perfect day for it.  It's overcast and a little drizzly. Ready to hold that tea mug in my hands and sip slowly. 2 sugars and no milk or lemon, please.
Some of my favorites 
My daughter gave me this mug as a gift when she was little.  Well, she picked it out
and my husband paid for it.  Carousel horses! I cherish it!

Today I'm drinking smoky LapSang Souchong.
And who doesn't love Ear Grey.  Reminds me of Star Trek-TNG
Capt Picard.  "Tea, Earl Grey, Hot!"

I love a spicy Chai(no milk).  And different brands of Chai taste differently.
Tazo has more clove and cinnamon.

Stash Chai Spice has more of a peppery taste with a hint of Anise.

So join me in a hot cuppa.  What are your faves?


  1. My friend in Alaska brought me some teas made with rose hips, and they are good, but I can't say I've tried very many kinds. I didn't start liking lemon in my iced tea until this year, and I've never used milk in tea. A cup of hot tea, with plenty of sugar (or truvia) sounds really good. I can hear thunder as I type this.

  2. This is a very timely post. I share your tea philosophy and today I had my first afternoon tea since probably May. We had the same weather today in NJ as you had in GA. Odd.

    I usually have plain black tea with a touch of sugar and milk. When I need a special treat it's vanilla chai or Twining's fruit flavored black teas. Yum!

  3. I am a tea drinker myself. Never cared for coffee. My favorite is plain old Lipton. There are a couple other teas I like a lot. There's a peach tea my mom picks up someplace (not sure where she gets it from), Sweet Dreams Chamomile tea. Enjoy those in the evenings. For that extra kick I like English Breakfast Tea. It's much stringer that the Lipton.

    But in the summer my favorite beverage is an ice cold glass of iced tea with fresh lemon. Yummmmm!

  4. My favorite used to be Earl Grey but now my favorite is PG Tips brand Special Blend. It is a bit expensive but just the aroma from the box alone makes it worth the purchase.


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