Friday, September 9, 2011

What I've been doing and boy, I'm tired!

We gave my daughter-in-law, Keshia, a baby shower last Sunday.  I cooked and cleaned and bought presents.  My daughter, Amanda, came to help.  We decorated the house with all kinds of cute pink and purple decorations.  We're having a girl!  Her name will be Kendra.  It was a nice turn out with about 20 people.  I found the banners at  She was so helpful with the custom order for the name.  I had no idea the amount of shower decorations that can be found.  Diaper cake?  What the heck is that?  Well, now I know. Not a real cake but looks like one made from diapers with all kinds of handy little things mixed in like pacifiers, rattles, baby care stuff.

I made a special mosaic lamp with a custom lamp shade for the nursery.  That was fun.  Using all kinds of flattened marbles, jewels and beads with a custom lamp shade mod podged with tissue and mulberry papers with a fringe of purple.

Most everything has been stored  until they are ready to move in Oct.  It will be a mad rush to get where ever my son is stationed, moved in and ready for the baby at the end of November.  The 27th is the date but Amanda is hoping it will on her birthday which is the 29th.  Whenever it is, we'll be so happy to have this little girl with us!!
The cutest banner made by
It says "Oh Baby" on top and
"Kendra" on the bottom
A diaper cake made by a friend.  I had no idea what a diaper cake was until I started searching on Etsy.
A pink tub with all kinds of baby lotion, shampoo, oil, stuff.
Pink and purple was a theme
We had so much fun decorating
I made this mosaic lamp with flattened marbles, jewels , pink grout and
all kinds of papers for the shade with some purple fringe.  I'll probably do another post about how I made it.  It was sooo much fun to do.
Isn't this cake adorable?  Keshia's cousin made it!
It was yummy!


  1. Congrats Gramma...or do you all say Mamaw like we do? Granddaughters are so much fun! You are so going to cry the first time she plays with clay ;)

    I'm so happy for you! and tell the kids congrats, too!

    That banner...and everything, is great. I bet that was a fun shower!

  2. Looks like you put on quite a shower for your dtr-in-law and grand-baby to come.Looks Beautiful!


  3. Congratulations Granny! Looks like you pulled it all together quite beautifully! You have so much to look forward to.

  4. Congrats on your new grandchild! What a blessing. You did a beautiful job with the decorations! I love the lamp, too, it's so cheerful. You thought of everything. :)

  5. No wonder you are pooped out Julie, you've been doing a lot. Congrats on the new family addition.


  6. How lovely! Congratulations on the new grandbaby!


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