Thursday, October 20, 2011

First fire of the season

Well, it's that time of year again.  We cleaned out the stove pipe and the chimney and had our first fire of the season.  We've had this wood stove for 27 years and it was our only source of heat in another house we lived in when we first got married. I do love a fire in the wood stove.  That constant heat radiating onto me as I sit on my end of the sofa is wonderful. My husband sits on the opposite side as far away as he can because he gets too hot. He's as hot natured as I am cold natured. 

It was grey and windy and only got up to about 51 today.  I turned the heat on this morning. We have central heat.  Don't you just love that smell the first time the heat comes on after all summer.  Burnt dust!  But I love to have a fire and it saves on the gas bill.  And to me it's warmer because it's constant. I can keep the heat turned down when I go to bed and let the stove hold its heat all night.  I throw some more wood in when I get up in the morning.  We'll go through about 2 cords of wood in a winter.  This year we'll cutting some of our own trees that have gotten too big for the yard and will split it.

So, winter has arrived.  Bleh!

This is a Fisher Mama bear stove
Inside the fire box

I had to hold really still to get this shot

Echo's favorite place in the winter is on the tile.  They get warm and toasty!


  1. I was raised with a wood stove and had one for years in Alaska, here in this rental I miss it. A different kind of heat, strong and more real...?

    We are definitely heading into winter!

  2. There isn't anything like the smell of wood burning! Sometimes I miss my wood stove. Our stove was similar to yours, but the whole top was flat. We liked to roast hot dogs in the stove, and the kids really got a kick out of having an indoor weenie roast. On a cold day I can smell wood smoke coming from a neighbors house :)

  3. There is nothing finer then a wood fire, or a coal fire. And Echo knows the best place to be!

    Great blog!

  4. One of the things I miss most about the house I lived in before this one was the fireplace. It smelled so nice and everything seemed so cozy!

  5. I turned on the heat this morning in Oklahoma. Just a switch, though. Wish we had a fireplace. {:-Deb


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