Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Open House

Christmas open house at the shop today was awesome!  We had people there starting right at 10 am and didn't really slow down till almost 3:30.  I love to do this every year. And I always thank my regular customers so much for choosing to support my little local business.  I have some customers that have been buying from me since way back when I used to do craft shows and have continued to buy my work through the years.  I even let people cruise the "Etsy" room and sold some stuff out of there.  And my smart phone was so handy to be able go into my shop and deactivate items.  I would love to get a Square reader to do credit cards but we are in a dead zone for signal and I don't think it would work.  As it was, I had to go down to my husband's shop where he has wi fi.  But I got some exercise!

This gets me in the mood for Christmas!  Listening to Christmas music all day, and you know I love Charlie Brown Christmas and Mannhiem Steamroller the best.

Tomorrow, I'll get started on some more decorating at the house, my blue and green tree that goes in the front room we call the parlor.  My sister is coming to spend the night and will help me.  She loves, loves, loves to do Christmas!  So we'll put some more music on and have a good time!

Come on in!

Look around!

There's stuff in every nook and cranny

This little table top tree is a button tree(and all kinds of other stuff).
I bought from an artist several years ago who had work at the gallery where I demonstrated.
Every year she would bring them in and get gone
before I could get on.  So 2 years ago I grabbed one first thing.

Pumpkin bread muffins, chocolate chip cookies and the Pillsbury cookies with
the Christmas trees in the middle, rice krispie treats and hot cider.  OMG, I'm full!
 I still have lots of stuff and some things will make their way to my Etsy shop or maybe given as gifts.  Or just stay on the shelves.  But for now, I'm tired but happy, a good tired when you know you've been busy.  

Are you in the holiday spirit yet?


  1. Look at all those beautiful items - wow!

  2. You really went all out! This is awesome!

  3. Your shop looks absolutely lovely and festive!


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