Saturday, December 15, 2012


It's been a whirlwind of decorating this year.  I put up everything in record time.  I usually wait to put up the trees till about a week before Christmas but this year I wanted everything up before my son got home.  I wanted it to be "in your face Christmas" when he got here.  Plus, we'll be having a belated birthday party for my grand daughter and I wanted everything done to that, too.

This is the parlor tree.  It's artificial so can go up early.  This is taken with the flash.

This is without the flash.  I switched to LED lights this year.  Of course, I couldn't find all the green I needed so improvised with a strand of clear.  I think I like it that way.  My sister came to stay with me overnight back at the first of the month and we put it up together.  What fun!

Dining room with the chandeleir decked out in branches and bead garland and Christmas ornaments as a centerpiece.  You'll note the equestrian theme of this room in the background.  I love all my horsey pictures.  I even have an old saddle leaning up in the corner with my old boots  That's another picture for another day!

This is a little side table I decoupaged with tissue paper.

A new gold tone reindeer for the sleigh.

All the stockings are hung high this year.  My grand daughter is walking and everything has to be up.

The main event tree.  This is a real tree.  We just have to watch the baby around it but so far she's been fine with  it.
Aren't these the cutest?  I treated myself to them from
I love her little critters!

The front door gets this same treatment every year. I add more dried things from the yard each year.  When  everything comes down, the trees just go to the basement like they are.  

Recycled bow from my studio open house

The other open house bow with garland

I love these red and gold ornaments.  I can see this out of my kitchen window.

And this is the best Christmas present ever!  My son is home!  The family will be together for Christmas!

So that's what Christmas looks like at my house.  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday with family and friends!


  1. You have a beautiful home! I love the parlor tree, but the main tree is really lovely! You have done a wonderful job of decorating. The outside is so awesome, too! You have been a very busy woman. Enjoy your family (so great your son is home!) and have a warm and wonderful holiday!!!!

  2. Your home is filled with beauty, love, the warmth of the holiday and family! God is good!

    Bless you and yours, Julie!


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