Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New work and around the studio

Some new pictures of stuff happening around the studio.  It's been a busy summer with commissions taking up most of my time.  I know, not a bad problem to have!  But it has taken away from my regular making.  I've been a busy bee the last 2 weeks getting new stock items made in anticipation of Christmas both on line sales and studio Christmas open house.

I just sold this sun and moon last night so it's on its way to a new home!

These magnolias, there were actually 4, have gone to Genuine Ga for sale in her gallery,

And I've decided George is now the shop mascot.  Isn't he handsome?

This was in the garden a few days ago.  I love this combination of Miss Huff's Hardy Lantana and the lavender of False Dragon's head

Just a glimpse of my world.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Some new work

This was the drying table today.  Lots of stuff happening.  New jars that will be dog treat jars, honey jars, 2 magnolias(to replace the 2 that didn't make it from the last glaze load), a sunflower, and today's work of a sun and moon sculpture garden plaque(foreground) and a layered hanging flower vase with star stamps(also in the foreground).  I can work in the slab room till it gets too hot.  The little AC unit in the kitchen area doesn't really make it back there.

These are some ring holders I did a few weeks ago. Thrown and then LOVE stamped onto a little strip of clay and added along with butterflies or stars.  These are unfired.

This one is glazed in purple and red.  I think they are very cute.  I sold one a few weeks ago to someone giving it as an engagement present.  Well, that meant maybe I ought to have more in the shop. So more will be finished soon.

I am working in the shop daily these days.  I'm really behind now after the loss of the 2 magnolias.  Well, it's too hot to do anything outside!

Friday, June 26, 2015

New and improved

New roof for the shop

Working on new shelves

New desk all organized and ready to take on more business

It was time for a new roof on the old house that is my studio.  It's been kinda leaky for years but was something I could live with until this year.  Actually, I was fine with it but my insurance company said I had to replace it.  So nice and new roof!

Then at home we got new carpet in our living room and the area I use for my desk.  This is where I do all the household business and also my pottery business.  After we moved the old desk out my sweet husband suggested that since everything was moved it would be a good idea to paint and reorganize for a better use of space.  Well, I jumped on that!!  I hated moving all that "stuff" but it was worth it.  I will be better organized.  But let me tell you, the week I had everything scattered all over the house was stressful.  I have to keep things in their place or I get a little crazy!  

So new things for Willow Tree Pottery.  Shiny!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

It's been waaayyy too long

Well, I can't believe it's been this long to post.  I guess I must be having fun.  With all the social media avenues now I can't seem to get focused on any one thing.  I've gotten on Intsagram @willowtreepottery.  That one is easy.  I just take pix with my phone(when I remember) and post and share on Facebook, too.  I try to do that regularly.  Twitter still seems like a time vacuum to me.  So the poor old blog gets pushed farther down the line.

Anyway, here are some pictures of work that waiting on the drying table.  Magnolias, soap pump/cruet, some jars and trays and a tall vase.

This is a 4 tube utensil holder and a flower pot(upside down).  The flower pot is hand built over an old clay pot upside down till it's stiff and can be turned over later today or tomorrow.

I'll need to fire soon.  Commissions are waiting to be finished. 

This year will be a construction year for the studio.  I need a new roof and new furnace for the little house.  Well, they're only 40 years!  

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Canisters and canisters

I've been working on large canisters for the last few weeks.  These were thrown several weeks ago.  I threw the lids upside down and then trim and turn right side up to add the looped handles.  Some jars got little looped handles on the sides as well.

This is a 6-7 cup capacity jar.

This one will hold 4 cups

This will hold 5 cups

I've been getting a work out throwing 4 lbs of clay at a time to do these large jars.  I usually throw in the 1-2 lb range but it's nice to stretch myself as an artist to see if I can do it.  I love to make jars of all sizes.  They are so handy to have around and beautiful, too.  Dress up the kitchen or bathroom with practical storage.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Finished pieces

This sun and moon face turned out great.  Gold glazed features and rust patina are on the sun and gold glazed and gun metal green and copper patina on the moon.

I love the way this silverware caddy came out.  Three tubes are attached together and the oxide stain rubbed into the impressions is a matte brown.

I love doing these honey jars with the bees and letters.  The letters have an oxide stain rubbed into them and wiped off leaving unglazed letters with brown stain.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

I really am still here!

I've been neglecting my blog for waaayy too long.  Somehow life just seems to get in the way!  I've been pretty busy in my shop making things.  I never remember to take pictures but did this time. 

This is hand built project of a 3 tube utensil holder/organizer.  I had one in my Etsy shop and it sold so naturally that means I have make another one!  This will have to dry about 2 weeks before it goes in the kiln the first time.  But it's warm here now so drying shouldn't be a problem.  Actually, I will leave it covered for a few days to keep it from drying too fast which can lead to cracking.

3 slabs were rolled out with the slab roller and wrapped around the cardboard tubes that my rolls of bubble wrap come on.  They are the perfect size.  And I hate to throw them away.  

This is the next day with the tubes removed.

This shows the stamped designs and the bottom added.  All one piece for the bottom and that ties the tubes together.

Big sunflower sculpture and 2 flower horn sconces

This is a crescent moon face with sleeping sun face

Various jars, ring holders, bowls

Soap pumps and bowls

This was today's work.  These will be honey jars, garlic keepers and a soap pump on the left

Garlic keeper and lid and a spinning bowl(right side).  This will all be trimmed tomorrow morning.

 I hope to be back posting more this year.  Sometimes it feels like there are just too many options for on line presence.  Do I post to facebook, flicker, twitter?  I don't want to be obnoxious.  But I'll try to post when something is interesting.  And, hopefully, I'll get the finished pieces posted here so you can see how they turned out.