Tuesday, August 3, 2010

North to Alaska!

I just had an Etsy sale from Anchorage, Alaska!  A pretty blue soap pump and lidded jar.  I can't wait to put a pin in my "shipped to" map for AK.

I unloaded my kiln today and got some great stuff and some not-so-great stuff.  A beautiful big draped bowl with leaf impressions.  I lost a few soap pump dispensers due to cracks(sigh).  I'll just have to make more.

The metal chair stripping continues...

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  1. Here it is: your first actual comment!

    Welcome to Blogspot's world of artists and artisans. I know you'll have tons of followers in no time - and tons of admirers of your work.

    Lucky me. Julie is a friend and fellow local artist - and I get to spend time with her every week at the Heritage Center for the Arts.

    Lucky y'all. Now you get to enjoy her work and her upbeat personality right here. Just wait till you see her gardens... to die for...


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