Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday in the shop

I just came in from working in the shop.  Let's see, I started a load of bottles to slump, reglazed some pieces that didn't look right, took a bunch of pix, ate chocolate, fed apples to my appaloosa, George and I did some clay work.  I have someone who wants a egg dish she saw in my etsy shop that had sold.  I've even started making sushi trays.  Now, I'm not one to eat sushi but apparently  a lot of people do and I figure I may as well make the trays, sauce bowls and chop stick holders.  They're kind of fun to make.

This is an acrylic painting of what it looks like off my front porch.  This scene was taken in the morning with the sun shining on the urn water feature.  I'm drawn to light and dark contrast.  The sun is shining on the urn and the plantings around it and up on the hill across the yard.

Anyway, I made it rain yesterday after washing my Terrain.  We needed it so I was glad to do what I could.

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