Friday, August 13, 2010

Driving Miss Julie

I've been through 4 counties and back today delivering pottery to an awesome shop called Genuine Georgia in Greensboro, GA.  It's about a 75 mile trip one way but all back roads thru beautiful rural Georgia.  I delivered a large and small version of this magnolia which is very popular in her area( way east of Atlanta).

I first made one of these for a lady that wanted one for her dining room table about 12 years ago.  She asked if I could make one and I said"Oh yes, of course I can".  Well, I wasn't sure exactly how  but I just starting playing around with some shapes and hit upon this one.  She was thrilled and so was I.  They have been one of my specialties now for years.  These have even been given out as gifts by the Ga Dept of Economic Development as gifts to visiting dignitaries.

So here I sit, listening to thunder and hoping for rain but knowing that it's probably going around us.  We're in the "weather zone"...

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