Sunday, October 3, 2010

October is here!

Oak leaf night light
October is one of my favorite months.  After a long, hot Summer, the coolness is sooo welcome.  The leaves have started changing and the days dawn cool and crisp.  This also starts the flurry of happenings in my family.  Starting off with my son's birthday, it's birthdays, anniversary and holidays non-stop til the end of the year.  I'm constantly busy in the kitchen cooking or baking.  But I love to do it and my family appreciates all I do.

Maple leaf night light
These night lights are some of the things I like to make out of clay.  I have a huge selection of cookie cutters and use them to cut out these shapes.  When I first started collecting them I had no idea that I would eventually use them for clay work.  The ones that get used for clay aren't used for cookies, anymore! But I remember thinking, as I rolled out cookie dough, that I could do the same thing with the clay.  There are alot of the same techniques in baking  that are used in clay work.  From kneading, rolling out with a rolling pin, to pinching seams closed it all kind of goes together.  So I had practice before I even started playing in the clay.

Today is going to be a gardening kind of day.  After good rain last week, the plants are calling to me.  Now is when I start moving things around in the garden.  Plants that have out grown their space and need to be divided or ones that just didn't do well in one spot need to go to another.  We say that it's not really planted until it's been moved 2 or 3 times!  I do love to get my hands in the dirt.

Lidded jar or salt cellar
This little jar is so cute.  I glued a rock(collected on a walk somewhere)onto the lid for a knob.  I love making little jars.  They are so handy to have around for all kinds of things in the kitchen, bathroom or on my desk.

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