Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fall afternoon

It's a lazy fall afternoon.  The left overs from Thanksgiving are almost gone(yay)and the tiramisu for my daughter's birthday tomorrow is in process.  I walked around the yard loving how the light was coming through the trees.  The clouds are starting to roll in(rain tomorrow)but it's still beautiful out.  The leaves have almost all fallen and it's cold.  It definitely feels winter is on the way.  Next month, winter solstice!

fifties revisited
I covered up the chairs I refinished back during the summer but here they are finally.  Many layers of paint later, now they're metallic blue and I hope they stay that way.  That was a hard project, stripping off all that old paint.
pansies on the step

These little pansies are sooo cute.  I love all their faces.  They look really good right now and should hang in all winter.
Japanese maple

This Japanese maple is in the side yard and still has beautiful red lacy leaves.  I don't remember what kind it is.  That's always the problem in my yard.  I plant things and lose the tag.

pink flamingos
No, I don't live in Florida but I just love those pink Flamingos!  I've gotten several pairs over the years.  These 2 actually came from Florida and were a gift. This is the main garden that is almost taken over with maiden grass and vinca.  It use to be really sunny(we called it full bake sun)but now trees have grown and it's more shade than sun now in the summer.  I keep looking for new places the garden that have sun.

Tomorrow will be back the kitchen making birthday dinner for my daughter.  And to the post office with 4 Etsy orders that came over this long weekend, woo hoo!!

It's time for hot tea now!

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