Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bog garden continued

I spent this afternoon playing around in the yard and a full day of digging in the dirt yesterday.  It was t-shirt weather Saturday but today is mostly cloudy with a strong breeze.  It wasn't warm enough for me til about 2PM to even want to stick my nose out the door.  It's about this time every year that I reach my limit on being cold.  Or maybe it comes earlier every year.  I just sooo ready to be warm.

more rocks!
So I played with the bog some more over the last few nice days we had and got rocks moved.  I moved in a clump of ironweed which is a native plant here in Georgia.  It grows by the river and gets about 6-7 feet tall and has dark purple flowers in the late summer.  I also moved in some copper iris and lousiana iris(blue) and some grasses called Panic grass.  Panicum is the latin and I don't know why it's called panic grass.  It seems pretty stable to me!  Anyway, it has a very open structure and also a nice blue tint to the foliage and nice seed heads in the summer.  The rain has partially filled the tub and I will fill it the rest of the way with a combination of peat and sand for the boggy soil.  I've got some pitcher plants on order from a wonderful mail order garden called Niche Gardens ( in Chapel Hill, NC.  Can't wait to get those in March.
My dog, Echo

So Echo has to help me work in the yard.  She loves to
take anything I've dug up and play with it.  I usually give her a sacrificial plant so she'll leave the others alone.

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