Monday, February 28, 2011

Moving slow today

dog water bowl
It's Monday morning(well, afternoon) and I'm moving kinda slow.  I had a busy weekend in the shop.  I'm working on some dog water bowls as a commission.  Like this one only about 8-9" dia and 3" deep. They have heavy bottoms so they won't be easily tipped over.  I have to throw about 4.5 lbs of clay to get that size when it's finished.  The clay shrinks about 10% so I have throw a little larger than the final size.  I usually throw 2-3 lbs  for things I make so the heavier amounts really work on my back.  I got some done along with some extras so I'll be sure to have 2 good ones when I'm done which will be in about 2-3 weeks. (Drying time and then glazing)

Cream and sugar set
I sold this cream and sugar set this weekend out of my Etsy shop.  Chocolate brown clay with a matte, blue green glaze that lets the clay show through.  I carved some grasses around the whole outside inspired by the maiden grass that grows in my garden.    The lid has my usual pulled handle that is inspired by the stems on pumpkins.  Nature always finds her way into my work.  I find inspiration from her everywhere.

So I had 4 packages to take to the post office this morning before the rain and severe weather gets here.  Thunderstorms predicted for the afternoon.  We can use the rain but I don't want the bad weather.
So it's later in the afternoon and still waiting for the rain.  I decided to make butternut squash soup.  It's supposed be a cooler later this week so soup will be good.  Roasted peeled butternut squash with carrots, potato, onion and then put it in a soup pot with sauted onion, chicken broth and some mild Italian sausage.  Whizzed the whole thing with the immersion blender and finished off with some cream.  I used some poultry seasoning, herbs de provance, salt and pepper.  OMG, it's really good!  I'll serve it with a dollop of sour cream.  Of course, I'm probably the only one who will eat it in my house! 



  1. Pottery and soup are two of my favorite things! Congrats on the sale.

  2. The soup sounds divine, and I'm glad to hear about your sales. I love the pulled handles on your work, too.

  3. Those are beautiful pieces, you make it look like fun.


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