Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring is happening!!

I've been gone 6 days helping my sister after her back surgery and was so happy to see all the things starting to bloom in the yard.  The forsythia and spirea are in full bloom, daffodils are everywhere, the red bud tree buds are swelling, new growth on the Louisiana iris, roses and clematis.  I just walked around the yard smiling.

baby's breath spirea


daffodils and pink flamingo
Today is Spring ahead so another hour of light to get more things done.  Although, all the spring forward and fall back stuff messes with my head and sense of time. I know it's just an hour but it seems it takes me weeks to get back in sync with the world.

I'll be unloading my kiln hopefully later today for glazing tomorrow.  I still have another kiln load waiting to go in for bisque firing later this week.  Lots of flat stuff that takes up a lot of room on the shelves.


  1. Yea for spring! We are planting our garden today... happy happy!

  2. All the colors of your yard are lovely. I need to get out and buy some flowers for our large pots in our front yard.

  3. Forsynthia makes me smile so much in spring. It is a bringer of good things.

  4. Spring is the best time of the year! Everything starts out so fresh and new. Love your spring time photos!


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