Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shop tour (ignore the mess)

my wheel
glaze buckets
So I thought I would let everybody see my work space.  This is a little brick house, about 900 sq. ft. that is on our property.  We actually lived in this house while we were building our new house 15 years ago.  Imagine 2 adults, 2 kids and 2 dobermans, in this little space.  After we moved into our new house, my in-laws lived in it for a while and then it was empty for several years.  I had been working in the basement and glazing and firing in a shed out back when it dawned on me to use the empty house as a studio.  We weren't doing anything with it and didn't want to rent it out.
our slab room


Sooo, we cleaned it out and painted, put up shelves everywhere and now it is the perfect studio.  Heat in the winter and AC in the summer, YAY! Running water and space to spread out all my junk, I mean, stuff!  I throw in what was the kitchen and have taken all the doors off the cabinets so I can see what I have.  One bedroom became the slab room and clay storage and the other bedroom became a dedicated Etsy room with shelving, tables to pack on, a closet to hold packing stuff, OMG , it is wonderful.  We even have a laundry room! Great for muddy towels. The other big room in the house is gallery space with finished work for when we have open house at Christmas.

etsy shelves
So that's where I spend lots of time playing in the mud. If I'm not in the yard or on the computer!


  1. I'm so jealous! Your work space is bigger than my entire condo. :-)

    I posted about my space today, too. Messy!

  2. What a fantastic work area! I too am envious! I am in my spare bedroom and overflowing to our guest room.lol


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