Friday, April 29, 2011

Clematis or Clemtati

Is the plural of Clematis, Clemati?  Do you say it KLEM-a-tis or kle-MA-tis?  I don't know the answer.  I personally choose the first pronunciation.  Anyway you say it, they are the queens of the garden right now!  This is the Ramona (lavender) and the white with purple center is Florida var. Sieboldiana.  It cranks up after the Ramona gets started.  It will only bloom once while the Ramona blooms off and on all season til frost. It looks so delicate next to the bold, lavender blooms. It was almost dusk when I took these so the flash insisted on flashing.

I love the buds as they peek out from the leaves
Big, bold Ramona and delicate Florida var. Sieboldiana

As the buds first start to open. Very exotic looking!


  1. Beautiful flowers! I say cle-MA-tis, but I don't correct anyone else because I'm not sure I'm correct, lol. At my old house I had clematis 'Henryi,' venosa violacea, 'Warsaw Nike,' and 'General Sikorski.' I loved them all, but GS the most - it was magnificent. I can't seem to find 'General Sikorski' for my new house, so I just planted 'Silver Moon.' If I find GS eventually, I'll just make room for it somehow.


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