Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More bog blogging!

wind chime for the deer
I couldn't resist the morning sunshine today so went out to get some new pix of the blog.  I came home from the nursery Friday with 2 big pots of pitcher plants to add to the ones already in and some sedges.  The deer have found the pickeral weed and may not let it grow.  I hung a wind chime along with the little flag in hopes of detering them. Yeah, right!!

The other things planted are coming up nicely; ironweed, amsonia, turtle head, irises.  They will be blooming by May, I hope. More pictures in a couple of weeks!

morning sunshine


  1. This sounds like so much fun.

    When I had my 27 acres of God's land, I planted along with a friend a 1/2 acre of Cosmos--it was wonderful!

  2. I love Cosmos and try to have some somewhere every year!

  3. Your irises look great! I can't wait til mine bloom.

  4. Neat bog! I've only ever seen "the Bog of Eternal Stench" in the Labyrinth movie, so I didn't realize they could be so awesome. ;D


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