Friday, April 8, 2011

Busy 2 days in Georgia

Hand built magnolia blossom
It's been a busy 2 days for me in Georgia.  I've been to NE Ga to Helen to take new work to the GHAA Gallery.  I took night lights which seem to sell really well there, some hand built trays, pots and one of my magnolias.

While I was there, I demonstrated how I make the magnolias.  Pinching each large petal by hand and then assembling around a cone shape for the center stamens.  Each one has 8 petals and is about 12" diameter.
stoneware clay oak leaf night light

The night lights are made by rolling out stoneware clay and cutting with a cookie cutter.  Fired and then glazed in different colors, depending on the season.  I usually do greens in the summer and then reds in the Fall.

Today was spent going to Greensboro, Ga to Genuine Georgia to take her magnolias which sell really well down there.  I guess being closer to Atlanta makes more people think magnolia as a southern thing.

On the way back we stopped at Goodness Grows, a wonderful nursery in Lexington, Ga.  They have all kinds of unusual plants and great specimens of garden standards like camelias, tea olive, azalea and others.  I found some more pitcher plants for the bog garden project as well as some things I couldn't live without.
Hardy Amaryllis with big red buds on them.  Can't wait to get those in the ground!

So after I came home and cut grass, I sat in the backyard with the first margarita of the season!!  Yes, life is good.

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  1. Your Magnolia is lovely! I can't wait to see what your bog garden is doing!


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