Wednesday, May 11, 2011

7 things about me, if you're interested

Here's a list of seven things about me from the Versatile Blogger rules.

1.  I'll be married 28 years this November.
2. 2 grown children with a grandchild on the way. My son is in the Army and my daughter is a nurse.
3. I love to garden(well, you already knew that from all the garden posts)
4. I love to cook.  Christmas is a bake-a-thon at my house.
5. I have 2 horses, George the appaloosa and Penny the thoroughbred. They are retired and just decorate the pasture.  I love seeing them graze.  I used to show hunter/jumper when I was in my 20's.
6. I have 2 dogs, Dobermans. Echo and Dagger. 
7. I love chocolate. It  doesn't love me and sometimes gives me migraines.

Here's a list of Versatile Blogger recipients from my blog list:

The rules state you:
-thank the person who sent you this blog with a link to their blog.
-list 7 things about yourself
-give this award to 15 bloggers

I probably could do more but my attention span is gone.  Not to mention, my fanny has gone to sleep.


  1. Congrats Julie!

    Also a big Thank You from Orange Blossom Boutique! I better get to working on my list of who to pass on to!

  2. Aaaah thanks. I love hearing random facts about people. I too love chocolate but it typically gives me migraines. Sometimes the craving gets so bad that I just make sure I have some excedrin handy.

  3. Thank you for sharing. It makes me wish I had a couple horses....

  4. You are going to love being a grandma! It's better than being a mom!

    I love the big dogs, too! I have 2 Boxers.

    Thanks for passing this on to me, Julie!


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