Friday, May 13, 2011

Almost international

I had a crazy day yesterday.  It started out great.  We drove up to Helen to GHAA for the official ribbon cutting of the gallery there.  Lunch was served and we all stood behind the ribbon for picture taking.  Which was all fine!  The trip home was fine.  Since it was still early in the afternoon I thought I would work on the little creek pond in the garden.  I had a new pump to install.

Well, of course the old tubing didn't fit the new outlet on the new pump!  So I take the pump over to my sweet husband in his shop and said, "Dear, can you help me?"  He drops what he's doing and proceeds to get out pipe fittings and stuff I don't even know what it is and rigs something up.  I take it back to the garden and it still doesn't fit.  I had to pull out the tubing(which was what I was trying to avoid) and take it and the pump back to the shop and say again, "Dear, can you help me?". We get it fixed up and I go back the garden and, Yes!!, it fits!!  Of course, I can't get the tubing back in the same place it was but, oh well, at least it's running now.

My little hand made creek with copper irises
growing in the stream

It flows into this little pond.  I have
blue flag irises, pickeral weed and water lily
in the water
Then I come inside and check my computer and I have a sale!  Yipee,  And I look at the the state it's going to and it's VI.  I'm thinking Virginia and then realize, no, that's not Virginia but Virgin Islands!  I know, I know, that's a US territory but I've never sent anything outside the continent.  I did ship to Alaska last year but wow, I'm psyched about VI.

So I hear thunder in the distance which is good because we need some rain.  I getting off now.


  1. Congrats on the sale to the VI! That is awesome!

    I love your little creek! That is so sweet! I'll have to post some pics of my pond now that the water lily's are up. I have lily pads, maybe soon I'll get a flower!

    Did you have to haul all of those rocks by yourself? Please tell me you had help!

  2. I moved them all with the help of a trailer behind my lawn tractor. But I was much younger then, LOL!

    I want to see your pond!!

  3. Your creek is so gorgeous! Love the irises, makes me want to come over:):) Congratulations on the sale to VI.

  4. Beautiful creek, congrats on your sale.


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