Friday, May 27, 2011

We got some rain!

We finally had some rain yesterday and this morning.  It was so nice to wake up to dripping off the roof and from the gutters.  It still cool and cloudy so the water will have time to soak in.  I can almost hear the grass and all the flowers plumping up.  I glad we didn't get the bad weather, even though the wind really blew and the trees were bending over.  We had a tornado go through here in a glancing blow about 4 years ago and that was scary.  We headed to the basement, my son carrying the dog.  A poplar tree right next to the house was twisted off about halfway up and the top landed in the side yard just missing the roof.

I spent the morning unloading my kiln and glazing, reloading and setting it to fire Saturday.  I've got 2 big magnolias in there along with some pump/cruets, some trays, spoon rests and ring holders.  I'll be able to unload it Monday morning.  I can't wait!  I love seeing what the kiln gods have blessed me with or maybe cursed me with!

I took this quiz(see the badge to the right) to see what kind of flower I was and it said I was a sunflower.  Imagine that!

Well, I spoke too soon.  The sun has just come out.

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