Monday, May 23, 2011

Aren't I pretty?

Echo sitting pretty
So you've caught glimpses of my doberman, Echo as I wander the yard taking pictures.  I thought, well, I should just get her to pose.  She's 3 years old and spoiled rotten.  My husband has her brother, Dagger, who is 4. He got Dagger first as a puppy and when I saw him, I knew I wanted a puppy out of the next litter.  A really good friend of ours has been breeding these dogs for years and they are exceptional. We had both lost our other dobermans to old age, and after some time to grieve, knew we were ready for new dogs.

You can see that we let them on the sofa.  I know, I know, what was I thinking. I actually bought leather sofas for us, I mean them! I also let Echo on the bed at night.  The old dogs would never have been allowed on the bed or the sofa.  It's like when you have kids.  The first one has all the rules, the second one has half the rules and by the time you get to the third or fourth...rules, what rules?!  But she's a sweetheart and I love when she curls up behind my knees to snuggle.

And she's a fierce watchdog.  Dagger is really too laid back but if Echo starts barking at something, he backs her up.

And if you're wondering about their names, each litter all the puppies' names start with the same letter and are named before they go to their homes.  Dagger's litter was the D litter, there was Dagger, Diesel, Diva, others that I don't remember.  Echo's litter was the E litter.  When the breeder told me she would have an E name, the only cool name I could think of was Echo. And it was just karma, because when I picked her up, that was her name!

Doesn't she look comfortable?

Echo on the sofa and Dagger on the floor


  1. You have such beautiful dogs!

    I've always wondered how much a name affects an animal's personality.

    We had a dog named Goldie when I was growing up, and she was such a diva. Then there's our cat Salem - and he's the grumpiest little cat I've ever met!

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Echo and Dagger are beautiful Julie! We've been looking for a leather sofa for us, I mean THEM (Zach and Bree)too. It would just hold up better to the babies being on it!

    You are soooo right about the rules! By the time that 3rd or 4th one comes along, the rules are out the door! And the furbabies are no exception!

    I love this post.

  3. What a beautiful girl and handsome boy! We mistakenly let our dog on the sofa once, now he pretty much lives there!

  4. Gorgeous dogs, and they sure look like they're loving life, lol.


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