Thursday, June 23, 2011

My latest treasury

I love dragons and dragonflies. I know they are not biologically related but how can I not put them together! This treasury is some of the fantastic dragons and dragonflies on Etsy.

The love of dragons is long standing with me, ever since I read the Dragon Riders of Pern series by Ann McCaffrey. If you've never read them and love dragons, it's a must read. Many books about a planet called Pern where humans and dragons are "impressed" telepathically with each other. Each rider and dragon are a team fighting "thread". An organism that's falls from the sky consuming everything it touches. The dragons breathe fire to burn it before it lands.

This is my dragon, Wileth. I painted her from an image I had in my
head.  Maybe from a memory.  Who knows?

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  1. Your dragon is beautiful!!!

    Don't get me started on Anne McCaffrey! I love her! I have read so many of her series. With me, it all started with Dragon Song, Dragon Singer, and Dragon Drums. I have been enjoying her books since I was in my 20's.


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