Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice!

Happy Summer Solstice!  It's officially Summer, even though the thermometer has been saying it for weeks.
So the days will be getting shorter from here until the winter solstice.  The afternoon sun comes through the window in the living room and I can always tell the changes even though it is so gradual. Was I a Druid in a former life? A priestess of Avalon? Maybe!  I would love to go to Stonehenge once in my life. To see it at the solstice would be awesome.

I feel like we went from winter to spring to summer in record time this year.  I know we had the heat on the first part of May and then the AC the last part.  There usually is a month in between with just the windows open. Fresh night air and waking up to birds singing.  I can still hear the birds, I keep a small crack at the top of the window and we have some loud wrens and phoebes that say "Good Morning!".

I'm carrying water out to the tomato plants and anything newly planted.  I got 2 Lady Banks roses for Mother's day and I need to keep them watered.  Of course, the hose doesn't reach that far and the tomato plants are far from the house, too. So that means filling up gallon jugs and golf carting out to them.  I also noticed something is eating the tomatoes so I guess I need to dust them. I'm determined to have some home grown tomatoes this year! We'll see...


  1. It did seem like it got hot awful fast this year. It's going to be 100+ here today. *groan*

    I got quite a few tomatoes this year, but between the heat, and not enough sevin dust mine are kaput for the season. I guess I can buy more and start over, we still have plenty of summer left here.

  2. no exact summer here in indonesia, it's just dry season. grow tomatoes sounds nice! i wish i have enough space to grow plants at home.


  3. There is nothing like home grown tomatoes! It's been a while since I've had some. Hard to believe that the days will start getting shorter again.


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