Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's HOT!!

This past week has been a record breaker for heat everywhere.  The midwest and northeast have been in the cooker with crazy heat and humidity.  Here, in the southeast, we learn to live with the heat and humidity but even we're growing tired of the relentless heat.  And what make it worse is we've had no measurable rain for weeks.  Our little community here along the river watch the thunderstorms build up and then go right past us to some other lucky people.  It will literally rain up the hill and not a drop will fall here on our property.  Well, maybe 20 drops, but seriously, we can see it raining across the river in buckets.

I'm dragging hoses around the yard trying to keep the new plants watered and taking jugs of water out to the tomato plants with the golf cart( it's a long walk to haul 5 gallons of water).  And I don't know why I even bother.  The deer are eating my tomatoes before they even get a chance to flower. Nothing has worked to stop them.  Not Deer Off spray, Liquid Fence or even the old stand by, dryer sheets tied to the cages. (Heavy sigh)

Ring holder earring organizer
I spent today in the gallery glazing a bisque load from Thursday.  I had pieces that didn't make in to my last glaze load so the bottom of kiln was already full before I even started.  But I managed to get almost everything in there, just 2 pieces didn't make in.  They will wait for next time.  I keep saying I'm going to get a head start on stuff for Christmas and have started getting some new things done.  This ring holder earring organizer is a nice combination of functions.  This is a clay that I haven't used much for throwing, just sculpture work, but I've fallen in love with it as a throwing clay.  I love what my glazes do on it. Clay is such a magical medium.  One never knows quite how things will turn out so it's always like Christmas, opening that kiln!

So stay cool everyone and let me know how your summer is going.  We can't wait til Fall!!


  1. Your ring/earring holder is awesome! Love the design and the color.

    It has been soooo hot. I think your temps have actually been higher than ours, and the humidity has been dreadful. Summers like this do make me wish for Fall!

  2. I'm looking so forward to fall too. I just wish I didn't have oodles of snow behind it!

    Love the ring and earring holder. Such a great idea.

  3. Love this piece, it's so pretty. I hear you about the heat. I'm so done with summer, bring on Fall.

    Stay cool and I hope you get some rain soon. We sure could use some too.


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