Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bog garden continued

This is the bog from a couple of weeks ago.  The pitcher plants are really happy.  They are so pretty with their green pitchers that change to a warm red with speckles.  They have been growing happily and don't require much except adding water to the bog container.

The deer leave them alone.  I can't have the pickeral weed. Nothing has stopped the deer from eating them down to nubs.

Next year, I'll get out and take pictures of the flower they have.  I didn't know they actually flowered.

I've also been playing around with some of the fonts and stuff on blogger.  I'm always so scared to do anything different to my blog for fear that I'll mess it up and have to start over.  I don't actually remember how I managed to get this far with it so I just try a few things every once in a while to make it look a little more custom.  I'm so not a computer person and it's amazing that I've done as much as I have, LOL!!  I am kinda proud of myself, though.


  1. Your bog garden looks great, as does your blog font! ;D

  2. Your pitcher plants look great Julie!

    I like the font!
    I used to be terrified of messing up my blog, too. I'm not a computer whiz either. Now, I figure if I do, well I can always do something else to cover up my blunder. My kids only help with things they know (which is a lot) but they pretend to know nothing about blogger. LOL!

    The Christmas stuff in your shop is awesome!

  3. Your bog grows lovely!

    I am with you, I am so hesitant to touch any fonts or, change anything on my blog--too many time it has disappeared on me--:)

  4. Nice pics of the bog! I like your new script!


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