Sunday, October 2, 2011

Horses horses horses

It's a beautiful day here in the south.  The air is cool and dry.  The trees have just started change their color.  I thought I would take the opportunity to let my horses be the subject of the blog today.  I had a request from Klaire of Mystic Silks who is a teammate of mine on the Design Style Guide team.  So, Klaire, this is for you!

I had the vet out Fri for teeth-floating on my old thoroughbred mare.  She's the dark brown horse.  She's 30 years old which is old for horses and really old for thoroughbreds. She has a tendency to lose weight in the winter so the teeth-floating.  That means grinding down the sharp edges of the teeth.  As horses graze, they wear down their teeth unevenly and the sharp edges will make it hard to chew.  So we float every year to make easier for her to chew her food.  Her name is Penny.

The other horse is my Appaloosa, George. He almost looks roan or gray as Appys have a tendency to gray out as they age.  He's 25, the same age as my son.  He is what is called a snowflake pattern Appaloosa.  I guess it looks like snowflakes on his brown coat.  If you're wondering why he is called George, that was his barn name when we got him.  His registered name is "Hats Off To Vandy", really!  George was much easier to say and my daughter, whose horse he was going to be, thought it fit him.  So he stayed George!

I've had these horses since 1995 so they are definitely part of the family.  Back and neck problems really keep me from riding now but I love to watch them out in the pasture.

George in the foreground and Penny in the back


George on the left and Penny on the right


  1. I can see why you love to watch them out in the pasture. They are beautiful horses!

  2. They must be very close to your heart having them for so long.

    Did you know the Appaloosa is the state horse of Idaho?

  3. Lovely horses. Thank you Julie for posting , and blogging about these magnificent creatures--:)

  4. Ahhhh They are so pretty. You're lucky to have all those years with them. We have a 27 year old buckskin named Tori. She also has trouble keeping on weight through the winter. I think I will mention the teeth problem to my husband. Maybe that will help her. Thanks for the post!


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