Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bog garden 2012

So here is the pitcher plant I put in last year in my little container bog garden.  I'm totally surprised at how pretty this flower is.  Reddish brown with downward facing petals.  I did not detect any fragrance.  The bog and all the surrounding plantings are starting to grow. 

We've had a warm winter and a dry spring already.  Although we did just get a nice, slow one inch of rain yesterday.  I really hoping we don't have drought this year.  But it is the south and more times than not we're hot and dry in the summer.  

Pitcher plant bog

See how pretty they are

The bud stage along with some new pitchers coming up


  1. The flowers are so unusual and so pretty! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. That is a beautiful plant! It's looking like it's been there all along!

  3. I saw my first flowering pitcher plant two years ago in Oregon. Such an exotic looking plant. I just love your bog garden!

  4. Awesome! Now I am coveting a pitcher plant! Hum....


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