Saturday, May 12, 2012

A new project

As if I needed another project, I've discovered "plate flowers".  I had no idea what they were until I started seeing them on Etsy.  Take old china, crystal, mismatched plates of various sizes and glue them together with silicon, I used the kind that comes in a caulking tube, add a bent spoon or knife to the back and stick in a metal pipe that has been stuck in the ground.  We experimented with pvc pipe and galvanized tubing, cut on an angle for a sharp point to stick in the ground.  I think I like the metal tubing the best.  My husband cut them for me.

So I've hitting all the thrift stores for dishes and silverware.  I also thought it would be cool to add some of my little pinched pots.  When I'm hand building, I'll end up with a little wad of clay and rather than throw it in bucket, I'll just pinch out a little shape. So a little piece of pottery is added for a different look.  

I love them!  They are very fun to make and look great nestled in with all the flowers.  I know what I'll be giving as gifts this year to my peeps.

2 china plates and crystal cup

3 plates, a clear glass plate and pottery piece.  This one is stuck in a PVC pipe

2 plates and yellow glazed pottery piece.  The pottery  reminds me of the trumpets on daffodils.
This one has a hanger and is hung on the garden art wall in the backyard.

Like I said, another project.  So many projects, so little time!


  1. I like the ones with your pottery on them the best! The last one is my fave. Beautiful!

    Happy Mother's Day Julie!

  2. Julie, wow, these are just awesome. I have never seen anything like them creative and pretty. funny enough, I've never seen them on ETSY before, this is so cool though, I will have to look for them.



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