Thursday, June 7, 2012

Another day another daylily

I am loving the daylilies this year!  I think they are prettier this year than in the last few years.  We had sufficient rain and hot but not too hot weather.  I took these pictures a couple of days ago.

Pale yellow with a mauve accent

These are really almost a pale chartreuse with burgandy

I am always looking for red daylilies

Here's another red

Daylily mixed in with artemesia.  I love the silvery foliage! This is my newest garden.
Out in the full sun away from the house.  That's the only place where I have full sun but
I can't get water to it so things have to able to take care of themselves.

Echo is watching out for me


  1. I just love daylilies. Mine haven't begun to bloom yet; yours are lovely.

  2. Hi Julie. I meant to leave a comment last week about what a lovely variety of daylilies you have. I try to add a new color every year, but the orange guys do thrive!

    Not much selling going on, but still making and showing!

  3. Your daylilies are so pretty. I haven't seen mine at all yet.

  4. Gorgeous photos!! I especially love the reds!

  5. Your lilies are beautiful. We have them in our garden. I just wish that they would stay around a lot longer.


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