Friday, August 31, 2012

Where does the time go?

I know I've been horribly remiss in posting lately.  Let me fill you in.

I've been having pain shots for low back pain.  They work really well for about 4 months but when they wear off, it's like someone turned a switch and BAM, there's the pain again. 

We have a crawling baby in the house now.  She pulls up on everything and I just know she will be walking soon.  My son walked at 10 months and she's right on schedule to  follow in his footsteps.  No pun intended!

My son also came home from Egypt for 3 weeks of R and R.  Words can't really describe how wonderful it was to see him and the baby together.  She was tiny when he left. He took to it like an old hand.  The time went by too quickly and now he's gone again back to Egypt working on the Blackhawk helicopters.

And as if that wasn't enough, I had to have surgery to remove my Thyroid gland.  I have had low thyroid for years and my doctor has been watching it.  Over the last year, it had gotten larger and when the ultrasound showed an enlarged lymph node, the decision was easy to have it out. That was last week.  I was in the hospital for 2 nights.  I don't bounce back as well as I used to. I've had a lot of surgeries but this time was hard.  

So my shop has really been coasting for 2 weeks with no sales which I guess was good but I was so ready for a sale and this sold last night and is going to London, England!  YAY!

I can't promise anything but will try to post more often.  I do miss my blogging friends!


  1. I have been wondering where you were! Hope you are back to your old better self soon. Back pain is just awful :(

    I bet the little one is getting so big! I'm sure she is the apple of grandma's eye!

    My July Etsy sales were phenomenal. August was pretty pathetic lol.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creations...hope that back lets you do more of what you love.

    Congrats on the UK sale!

  2. You are in my thoughts Julie, hope you are feeling better very soon!
    Nice to hear you were able to enjoy your son & that sweet baby of yours, I love when the Grandchildren come to visit, but I find it hard to keep up with them :)I had all four of them with me at the county fair, exhausting ~ but fun!
    Congrats on your sale to England, doesn't it make you smile knowing your work travels across the globe! Your work is Beautiful!
    Take care ~


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