Friday, September 28, 2012

New life for broken pots

Broken pots

My glaze catastrophe a few weeks ago turned into something good.  I hated to let all that work  just go in the trash. Pots with lids that were stuck on were smashed into mosaic pieces. The colors were mostly brown and blue.  

First, I had to go through my stockpile of old lamps picked up at thrift stores.  Of course, the one I wanted to use needed a new socket but, hey, I can do that now. I started by smearing on tile adhesive and placing pieces.  I don't really go for a pattern, I just want a balanced look.  I was going for a "cabiny" look.  That's what the gallery owner calls it.

Then it sits and sets up.  I came back the next day to grout.  I usually tint the grout with a dab of acrylic paint and decided on a tannish color.  Well, the grout I was using was not the right stuff.  I needed sanded grout because some of the joints were big.  I got cracks(wah!!).  So a trip to Lowe's for the right grout was on the schedule.  I regrouted and this time went for a blue color.  After that set up, I still didn't like it!  A color wash of darker blue did the trick!  Man, talk about not knowing what it wanted to be!

The shade is a combination of mulberry papers in blue, burgandy and tan with black bead trim around the top and bottom edges.

I even had an old coffee mug handle to add.  I never throw old pots out.

I love this shade!

Looks pretty good!
So, something good out of something bad.  What do you think?  Did I get the cabiny look I was going for?


  1. That's such a neat for use for them :)

  2. You did get the cabiny look! It's just beautiful! What a great way to use up the broken pots!

  3. Note to self:
    Get to the thrift shop to find an old lamp to mosaic with tile scraps!

  4. The lamp is fantastic! I would love to have it myself!


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