Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cruising the yard this afternoon

This is my stroll around the yard this afternoon.  Or "cruising" as I like to call it.  Late afternoon sun creates interesting shadows.  It's cool enough now for a light jacket in the mornings but the afternoons are just perfect.  I was very comfortable in my t-shirt!  

I went to the nursery yesterday and came home with pansies galore.  I put them in their pots today.  I pulled up the caladiums that I have enjoyed all summer and will try to save their bulbs for next year in the basement.

This is a black elephant ear.  Not the full black ones but as you can see, green and black

I love the sun coming through this one

My version of a bottle tree.  Slumped little jars hung with fishing line.

A white wood aster,  These are native and come up all over the place in the yard and in the woods.

One pot of my pansies and something new this year, swiss chard!

My hydrangea is still putting on  blooms

I love the look of the old blooms and they dry nicely for arrangements.

Wait for it!

Wait for it!

There you go!  These are garden orbs I had in my Etsy shop but decided they needed to live in my yard!

So I hope enjoyed the tour.  The yard will be winding down soon but we haven't had frost yet.  Probably before Halloween.  Oh, that will be another coming post.  Halloween decorations!


  1. Your yard and plants are awesome! Love all of them! Elephant ears are one of my very favorites, and I've had several varieties. I need to move mine, they just aren't happy where they are. I'd love to have some hydrangeas! So pretty.

    Your bottle tree and orbs are neat. I love when a yard reflects the homeowner, and yours surely does. You are creating quite the masterpiece Julie! Very well done!

    1. Thanks, Della! Those elephant ears grow like weeds in that spot and nowhere else! I think it helps that the gutters drain out there.

  2. Beautiful tour Julie through your garden area! Maybe those elephant ears can also be used to press into your clay, and make garden path stones!


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