Saturday, August 10, 2013

New work heading for the kiln

The drying table was totally full of greenware.  No room to make anything new!
This is how everything gets to the kiln.  I load up the back of the Terrain and backup to the
kiln building.  This is also used for my DH's car parts storage.  That brick building in the left hand background is the studio.

Boxes filled with pots, magnolias and big bowls
This the kiln.  It's pretty big.  I can get a lot of work in it.  But I still didn't get it all in.  The tall cylinder utensil holders will have to wait for the next run.

Bottom layer

Filled to the top.  I have half shelves so can configure in many ways.

Set for a delayed start at about 3 AM.  It will be ready to close the lid tomorrow about 10 AM.

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