Sunday, July 19, 2015

Some new work

This was the drying table today.  Lots of stuff happening.  New jars that will be dog treat jars, honey jars, 2 magnolias(to replace the 2 that didn't make it from the last glaze load), a sunflower, and today's work of a sun and moon sculpture garden plaque(foreground) and a layered hanging flower vase with star stamps(also in the foreground).  I can work in the slab room till it gets too hot.  The little AC unit in the kitchen area doesn't really make it back there.

These are some ring holders I did a few weeks ago. Thrown and then LOVE stamped onto a little strip of clay and added along with butterflies or stars.  These are unfired.

This one is glazed in purple and red.  I think they are very cute.  I sold one a few weeks ago to someone giving it as an engagement present.  Well, that meant maybe I ought to have more in the shop. So more will be finished soon.

I am working in the shop daily these days.  I'm really behind now after the loss of the 2 magnolias.  Well, it's too hot to do anything outside!


  1. Do you ever put your magnolia's in your Etsy shop? Love the purple glaze on the ring holder! Very pretty.

    1. Thanks, Della! I had the magnolias in the shop years ago. Lots of faves but no sales. I sell them at a great gallery outside of Atlanta and that keeps me busy making them.


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