Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blustery, sunny day in NE GA

I just love pansies
Weeping cherry tree
March went out like a lion instead of a lamb this year.  We had a return of cold, wet weather last week.  Just in case we forgot how much we were tired of it.  The wind is blowing today constantly at 10-20mph and gusting even more.  I put on my coat and hat and went out to cut grass.  Now my head feels like it''s going to explode.  I just had to get outside, though.  The yard was calling to me.

Columbine from some seeds I scattered
a couple of years ago.  I'm surprised they do as well
as they do.
Old fashioned bearded iris

More things are blooming, now.  The old fashioned bearded iris are blooming.  These are transplants from another house we lived in when we first got married.  The house was about 100 years old and had lots of old plants around the yard.  When we moved to the new house 15 years ago, I had to bring everything with me. Old fashioned purple and white iris, winter honeysuckle, forsythia, spirea, bulbs.  I brought everything! My garden here started out just to be a holding bed but soon took on a life of its own. It keeps telling me things to do and I happily comply. I've put in 2 little ponds, one with a creek, an arbor my son's welding class made for me when he was in high school, climbing roses on anything that will hold them and more plants than I care to remember. Many have not survived the deer, drought, late freezes, whatever but the ones that have are very happy.

Money plant loves the shade of
the oak trees

Creeping phlox growing on the driveway
French hyacinths


  1. Very nice blog and love the color of your iris. Up here in Canada, we have to be a little more patient for spring and flowers or grass for that matter. Snow is melting but the ground is still frozen.

  2. Spring flowers are my favorites. Your garden is ahead of ours though. We still have snow in the corners of our yard.

  3. You have a money plant! How excellent is that. I am enriched by looking at all this beauty!

  4. This is beautiful Julie! I bet you smile every morning when you see all of your flowers!


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