Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Will the wind ever stop?!

The wind has been blowing for what seems like days.  We had a bad storm last night with severe t-storms and sheets of rain falling.  Of course, it was in the middle of the night so I got no sleep.  I kept waiting and listening for the tornado I just knew was coming.  It didn't.  Today was cool and 10-20 mph winds all day.  I had errands to run and just the time to go to the car and go inside the store was enough to make my head feel like it will explode.

soap pump dispenser in
blue gray and brown

Dog treat jar with bone and pulled handle lid

Dog treat jar with cork lid and tumbled rock knob

On a positive note, I did get my kiln unloaded over the weekend, Yay!!  Mostly good stuff.  One piece that will have to be reglazed but the pieces I was counting on came out fine.  A cute little soap pump and dog treat jars came out really nicely.

I did some throwing yesterday and Thursday will be a sculpture day.  I plan on making some more of my magnolias.  We'll be in Helen at the GHAA gallery to help with some landscaping and also demonstrating.
It'll be nice to see old friends there.

I also put this garden treasury together.  In my spare time,LOL!

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  1. I'm sure glad you didn't get blown away in a tornado! The weather was nasty here yesterday, so I spent the day indoors. Your garden treasury is beautiful! Love you work, can't wait to see what you are sculpting!


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