Thursday, May 19, 2011

No rain after all

After all the clouds and thunder and looking like it was going to rain, nothing, Nada, Zip.  All that rain and flooding of the Mississippi and it looks we're setting up for a dry summer.  I just came from cutting grass, or weeds, I should say, and it was sooo dusty.  We live in a weather zone here.  Between 2 rivers and the rains will go around us.  So frustrating!  At least we had pretty good rain all winter so the pastures look good.  There is plenty of grass for the 2 horses we have.  My husband has a hard time keeping up with the bush hogging.  That's cutting the grass with the tractor and a big pull behind mower thing. 

I got my tomato plants out last week.  2 heirloom, Mister Stripey(red and green striped when ripe) and Black Prince(Dark purple when ripe) and some regular Better Boys.  I like the heirlooms, they're not as acidic. Oh yeah, and a grape tomato.  Those are great for a quick salad. I'm going to try a cucumber in a pot with a tomato cage.  The deer will eat the cucumber vines so I'm keeping it close to the house.  I have some chives and mint and rosemary and I'm waiting for the basil seeds to come up.  Probably need to go out and water those.

So here are a few more garden pictures.  Hopefully, I'll be able to take more if everything doesn't dry up.
Ox eye daises along the edge of the driveway

Fourth of July rose on the deck lattice

Knock out roses


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  1. I'm wishing for some rain myself! I love our afternoon tropical downpours, and we haven't been getting them. It would sure save me a little work.

    Your roses, and flowers are beautiful! I haven't seen peonies since we lived in Idaho.

    I'm growing heirloom tomatoes, too! I have Black Prince, African Queen, and another purple variety. I just picked 2 of them, and the flavor is out of this world! I can't wait till you get to pick yours and have a bite!


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