Monday, January 23, 2012

Inspired again

It's hard to get inspired lately.  I think I'm still burned out from the Christmas rush and lately, cold and dreary weather. Sometimes I think I just need a new toy to be inspired again. I ordered these leaf shaped texture mats before Christmas and have been waiting to have time to play with them.  They came from  I went overboard and now have all kinds of leaf shapes; oak, maple, sycamore, canna lily, arrowhead, grape.  I'm so excited to have them.

Slab roller is very handy to have

Cylinder former life was a swimming
pool noodle!
So this cylinder vase is a combination of canna lily and arrowhead.  The form is an old swimming pool "noodle" wrapped in plastic wrap.  I rolled out the slabs with my slab roller and used a rolling pin to press with the leaves. Then they were wrapped around the mold and attached with slip.  I used some smaller slabs to fill in at the bottom and top.  When it's stiff I will remove the mold and add a bottom.

Canna leaf and arrowhead leaf for the body


Canna lily and arrowhead leaves

turned over scored and slipped

I hope you can get the idea.  I don't seem to able to get all the pictures aligned like I want.
The slabs were rolled out first, and wrapped around the cylinder, scored and slipped.  Now it is waiting to get stiff.
That's for later this afternoon. 

So what gives you inspiration?


  1. Wow! That's so creative! What gives me inspiration is people like you! Off to create! (popped over from etsy)

  2. That looks great. What a creative use for a pool noodle!

  3. That is so cool! I can't wait to see the finished product!

    I get a lot of inspiration from new supplies. They make me happy and creative :D

  4. I miss working with leaves in the winter. I'll have to check out these texture mats. I think there would be loud protests if I started cutting up the pool noodles!

    I get inspired seeing other peoples creations. Not necessarily pottery but anything fun and whimsical that moves me.

  5. I love leaves, the textures and shapes are fascinating.
    Look forward to seeing the finished product!

  6. Me too, waiting to see the finished product. The process is really interesting - leaves, flowers, shapes, they all inspire me:):)

  7. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    What inspires me? Everything and anything. Most of the time I get an idea but by the time I finish it, it's nothing like what I started with .

  8. wow- i love the leaves! i bet the end vase will be so lovely!


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