Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Finished pieces

This sun and moon face turned out great.  Gold glazed features and rust patina are on the sun and gold glazed and gun metal green and copper patina on the moon.

I love the way this silverware caddy came out.  Three tubes are attached together and the oxide stain rubbed into the impressions is a matte brown.

I love doing these honey jars with the bees and letters.  The letters have an oxide stain rubbed into them and wiped off leaving unglazed letters with brown stain.

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  1. Love the new pieces, Julie, especially the moon/sun one.

    Have you ever considered putting work at the Sautee-Nacoochee Galleries? I think you (and Sherry) would both do well there. They are having a clay artist feature show right now. The next gallery committee meeting to review new artists is on August 14 - or the second Thursday of each month.


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