Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kiln opening

This week's glaze load was a mixed bag of good and not-so-much.  2 good yarn bowls and some lidded jars.  A large magnolia and commissions were good.

Yarn bowls and reglaze of a egg dish

Lidded jars and cruet with lid


This is a commission.

But I had 3 large lidded jars, garlic keeper and honey pot that the lids stuck and I broke the pots trying to free them.  That was a lot of work to lose. Oh well, the broken pieces will become mosaic pieces for a lamp project sometime.  I've got another load firing tomorrow.  Leaf plates and platters.  Keep your fingers crossed!!


  1. The things that did come out good are GREAT. The glaze looks really nice on them. Have I told you about the time I had a complete meltdown in kiln? The cone didn't do its thing, so the kiln was on for far longer than it should have been. After I cooled it down and opened it up, everything iside looked like puddles of bisque. So sad.

    It's good that you have a project in mind for the pieces!

  2. How sad that some of the pieces broke -- but that commission piece is just AMAZING!! Hope all goes well tomorrow.

  3. How did I never run across your blog before? I think what you do is fascinating and you are so talented.


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